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SAFA Alliance

The Student Led Movement to Empower Young Entrepreneurs to Build the Future


SAFA Alliance exists to meet the needs of aspiring innovators wherever and however we can


SAFA steps in to host workshops to teach the fundamental aspects of entrepreneurship and other skills and cultivate entrepreneurial endeavors for aspiring innovators. We offer many micro-grants concerning our various innovator campaigns, host teen markets for young people to showcase their innovations and bring them to attention, pitch competitions where early-stage startups can access funding, rapid-pace incubators to take startup ideas and turn them into business models, and host Q & A sessions with reputable business leaders.

SAFA's Reach

Creating new opportunities and making a difference with each step

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450+ active volunteers around the globe!

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 $40,000+ raised to date to promote youth entrepreneurship.

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67 Chapters Found in 23 Countries

Recent SAFA-Partnered Events

Social Fuse Event

Social Fuse

UIUC SocialFuse PitchFest

20+ teams pitched business ideas and models to network with innovators with similar interests.

SAFA Accelerator

Online Incubator

SAFA Accelerator

67 teams went through our accelerator to gain access to networking opportunities and obtain funding.

Cozad New Venture Challenge

UIUC Grainger College TEC

Cozad New Venture Challenge

A 2 month long accelerator program where young start up ideas can find valuable connections and funding from a pool of over $300,000. The accelerator program ends with a demo day where participants display their innovations and network.

Naperville Children's Business Fair

Children's Business Fair

SAFA Children's Business Fair

Co-hosted with Children's Business Fairs, a two-day event in April will showcase many local entrepreneurial talents. Kids were given booth space to display their products, engage with customers, and gain access to funding to scale their ideas.

Alive Center Partnership

Alive Center & Aurora Public Library

Entrepreneurship Workshop

Middle School through High School students learned about the basics of entrepreneurship and what it takes to be an innovator.

Teen Startup Weekend Feb 2020

Online Event

Techstars Startup Weekend

Co-hosted a weekend event with Tech Stars to allow entrepreneurs to develop and pitch their startup ideas.




Held workshops to help elementary school through middle school students make coding entrepreneurial experiences smoother. Workshops included ownership practices of Software-As-A-Service Business models.



QnA Sessions

Provides talks with local business leaders, in which they discuss the various challenges they faced in their path and how they overcame them, as well as advice on how to progress based on their personal experiences, for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Princeton E-club Pitchfest

Princeton E-Club

Princeton E-Club Pitchfest

Partnered with Princeton University E-Club. In late March of 2023, teams pitched their business models to gain access to thousands of dollars in funding.

Naperville Children's Fair

Children's Business Fair

​Naperville Children's Business Fair

Hundreds of local kid entrepreneurs took up stands to showcase their products. In partnership with Naperville Children's Business Fair, kids could display their products and gain access to funding opportunities in August 2023.


Social Entrepreneurship Campaigns

Offers six different campaign topics for social entrepreneurship throughout the year, those being fighting extreme poverty, ocean cleanup, curbing climate change, clean water accessibility, ocean cleanup, improving agriculture, and closing the education gap. 

Sponsors and Partners

Our partners understand how important it is to join forces to promote youth entrepreneurship. From joint fundraisers to fulfilling events, these 82 organizations and corporations highlight the true meaning of collaboration. We're grateful to have them with us.

SAFA Chapters Around the World


"The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer."
Nolan Bushnell

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"The number one problem in today's generation and economy is the lack of financial literacy."
Alan Greenspan

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