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Workshop Details

Product Development

SAFA workshops will discuss the process of planning an innovation, and bringing it to life. We will teach how to create sketches, rough drafts, prototypes, and eventually the finished product.

Pricing and Realistic Margins

Setting prices and calculating profit margins will be taught. This includes production and material costs, as well as other expenses that factor into setting the proper final price of a product.


Entrepreneur workshops will simulate how innovations get manufactured on a large scale. We will teach communication techniques and other useful skills to work with manufacturers.

Commerical Markets

SAFA will introduce the basics of understanding consumer markets, and what channels and platforms that specific products should be sold in. We will also discuss the pros and cons of working with retailers.


This workshops will introduce how large scale shipping works, not only to a centralized packaging/storage location, but also to consumers and retailers.

Financial Stability

SAFA will simulate real life financial situations and events which would force changes upon real-life startups. We will teach how to approach and tackle financial situations that arise.

Development & planning

Manufacturing & production

Advertising and Consumer Markets

Financial planning and long-term sustainability


Learn more about the entrepeneur workshops by contacting us with questions!

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