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The main objective of campaigns is to incite social change through entrepreneurial endeavors. Qualifiers from each campaign will receive a $250 micro-grant, which may be used for supply costs and product development. 5 winners will be selected from each 3-month-long campaign. The selection of winners is based on the pitch quality, the level of innovation displayed, and the potential impact of the product or service. The following rubric will evaluate innovation campaigns that are submitted within the outlined time frame through the appropriate application process.



20% of the Score

Is this idea unique? Judges will evaluate the impact of this innovation, the originality of the idea, and the defensibility of the Intellectual Property. 

Storytelling and Professionalism

20% of the Score

Is the idea captivating? Judges will evaluate the potential opportunity investors may see in the product, the credibility of the story crafted, and the organizational structure of all sections. 


20% of the Score

Will the idea work? Judges will evaluate how realistic the idea is, in terms of time to implement and budget. Also, proof of concept is necessary to demonstrate the feasibility of the idea, be it with demonstration, research, expert approval, or other methods. 


20% of the Score

Does the plan demonstrate an understanding of targeted segments of the affected group? Judges will evaluate the practicality of the implementation and delivery of idea components. Moreover, judges will search for accentuated differences from existing alternatives to appeal to the affected group. 


20% of the Score

Are the costs and streams of funding considered appropriately in the idea’s implementation? Judges will look for reasonable production, delivery, and operating costs, as well as the appropriateness of the budget.

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