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Lean Canvas

As a tool used by many innovators, a Lean Canvas can be extremely beneficial in planning out your venture and making sure it succeeds. It generally applies as a foundational base with key assumptions made early in the brainstorming process. Look at the ideas below to guide your Lean Canvas.

The Process

High-Level Concept: Explain your idea and its impact in a simple way. Limit yourself to 10 words.

Problem: Describe the specific aspects of the problem your idea concerns. Limit yourself to the most important difficulties directly impacting the affected group.  

Existing Alternatives: How does the affected group currently deal with this issue? Look to the currently existing options when designing your solution.

Solution: How does your idea help the affected group? What is unique about this idea that makes it an effective solution?

Unique Value Proposition: Why is your idea superior to the existing alternatives for the affected group? Consider factors like effectiveness, cost, and accessibility.

Sustainable Advantage: How will you prevent your idea from being copied? How is it different, and how will you continue this differentiation?

Impacted Segments: Who is in the affected group? What parts of this group are more directly impacted by this idea, and in what way? 

Early Adopters: Who are the first members of the impacted segments targeted first? Think of a social, geographic, or other quality that is the reason for this.

Channel Segments: How will the impacted segments be targeted? How will this idea be implemented and attract these segments? A potential consideration is the method by which current solutions are implemented.

Key Metrics: How will you evaluate the success of your idea? What numbers will indicate the effectiveness of this solution? Choose 2-3 important metrics to think about.

Cost Structure: Think about your most significant costs. Focus on main cost drivers that recur, like production and delivery costs. 

Funding: How will the operations crucial to your solution continue being funded? Search for streams of cash.

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