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SAFA Curriculum

SAFA's Mission

SAFA's mission is to alleviate the struggles of generational poverty by empowering the youth to promote economic mobility. SAFA hopes to supplement our youth's education in two fundamental ways: Supporting their school education through donations and adding onto their education with important topics to enrich their understanding of how the real world functions. 

Purpose of SAFA Curriculum

SAFA Alliance offers a multitude of lessons related to financial and economic curriculum. We fundamentally believe that the curriculum we offer is overlooked in our traditional school system, but is crucial in preparing the youth for real world experiences. The curriculum we offer is publicly available below for entirely free of cost. We currently offer 75+ different lessons about various economic topics, and currently growing. SAFA also hosts 8 week long workshops to act as a full-length intro course to larger topics like entrepreneurship and investments, which we conclude with a competition to enforce information retention.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela 


Topics covered in SAFA Curriculum

Beginners guide to entrepreneurship workshop curriculum (2021)

Exploring the world of investing workshop curriculum (2021)

Financial Literacy Curriculum (2022)

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